Secret Weapon Canada

Why Shave when you can Save

This coat is nasty and could be shaved

But with Secret Weapon the coat is saved


Secret Weapon is added to your favourite concentrated non clarifying shampoo for conditioning and de-matting dogs , cats and even horses manes and tails. 

Secret Weapon contains naturally occurring essential oils and was developed over 5  years of dedicated testing by an award winning groomer in Australia

We are pleased to distribute Secret Weapon in Canada

Secret Weapon specifically targets the challenge of removing knots and mats from the coat while re-hydrating and conditioning the coat at the same time

Used by renowned groomers and show professionals worldwide

Secret Weapon is truly revolutionary and is a one of a kind exceptional grooming product in a class of it's own

Secret Weapon can also be made into a Finishing Spray or a de-tangling conditioning spray and can be used as a stand alone leave in Conditioner as well.. Such a versatile product to meet all your grooming needs

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